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We are an architectural team with the passion to see projects manifest that are critically meaningful and creatively unique. Our studio’s focus is on the exploration of Design Strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundary between traditional /cultural values and contemporary Indian living. A synthesis that blends old and new;  international and regional. We believe in identifying, engaging deeply with and simplifying the complexities of projects. We go by the motto that Good Design is always simple. It should be empathetic to the need of all stakeholders, – the owners, contractors, end-users and care-takers. This 360 degrees approach defines our project success.

Our Studio is one of the most forward thinking and well-equipped architectural design consultancy in India. Supported by esteemed design agencies in New York and London, We provides the international experience that is required in the design solutions available today, albeit without leaving out local expertise. Thinking out-of-the-box and employing strategies that are not usual or expected is our forte. And all these processes are reinforced by impeccable delivery systems and state-of-the-art designs. We offer architectural and interior design consultancy services to the residential, retail and hospitality sectors.

We intends to grow to be the backbone of architecture design in India and contribute to its fullest.


Ravi Kiran raju A 

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ASR is an employee-owned global architecture and engineering firm that has set the standard for inspired and timeless designs around the world. With clients in Canada, the US, UK and UAE, the firm employs more than 750 professionals in 14 diverse market sectors. Founded in 1998, we offer the stability of a rich history, the power of integrated global teams and the versatility of a proven, multi-sector portfolio.

ravi kiran raju a

Chief Architect

Worked as Sr Architect, Sr Interior Designer, Sr 3D Visualizer, Lighting Designer & Landscape Architect.

•Worked with numerous companies in the field of Architecture & Construction industry.

•Executed numerous projects with Team and met challenging deadlines.

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bhargavi a

Associate Architect, M.Arch

A Strong believer in the ability of the architecture and research combined with design thinking for strengthening our societies and having a positive effect on the world. Only together we can build a better future, therefore my communication and team working skills. 

abhinay chaithanya

Associate Architect, M.Arch

I am convinced that work has to be joyful. The complex and interdisciplinary issue "City development" is my passion. I take delight in the process of collective brainstorming and get happy with the fruitful output. I am curious and active, do not stop in the constant process of self-development. 

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